Fishing the North Shore of Oahu!
Fishing off the North Shore is as good as it gets
anywhere!  With excellent year round fishing in
a warm, tropical setting, whether trolling for
monster Yellow Fin Tuna or taking the kids
bottom fishing for the first time, the North
Shore is the place to be!  Our deep sea trolling
trips offer exciting Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi
and Wahoo fishing, while our bottom fishing
charters can be full of action catching giant
Travaly, Amber Jack, Snapper and dozens of
other reef fish.  A sport fishing charter aboard
"the Seeker" could be the highlight of your
Hawaiian vacation!  Docked at Haleiwa Harbor.
Fishing Aboard "The Seeker"
The Seeker is fully equipped with all types of top notch tackle, from light action spinning rods to
Penn and Shimano 130's - the biggest, baddest reels made!  Our live bait and lures are proven to be

of fishing, from stand-up battles to a beautiful wood fighting chair, but if you have a lucky pole,
lure or trick, bring it along, we're open minded and are always looking for something new to try!
Whether this is your first fishing trip or you are on a professional quest at an IGFA World Record,
the Seeker's Crew will be at your side to ensure you the BEST fishing adventure in Hawaii!  
Deep Sea Trolling Adventure:  Half Day & Full day
The water off the North Shore gets deep FAST!  This means pelagic fish come in close to shore on
trolling trips, so the action can get started on the way out of the harbor! In just five minutes out
from the dock we're in 500 feet of water, and that means great grounds for Wahoo and Mahi
Mahi.  Another five miles out and we're in 6,000 feet of water - this is where the sea monsters
live!  These waters are the home of some of the biggest Marlin and Tuna ever caught, with
Marlin weighing in at well over 1,000 pounds and Tuna over 200 pounds.  Lots of SushI!  Fishing
can get fast and furious so be sure to get a good night's sleep the night before your charter!
Bottom Fishing Adventure:  
If you prefer bottom fishing trips, we've got you covered for that style of sport fishing too! First, for the Big Boys, the "pole
benders", we fish in deeper water 100 to 200 feet for giant Travaly, Ulua, Amber Jack, Mirror Travaly, African Pompano and
Snapper.  These fish can range in size from 10 pounds to over 100 pounds and are some of the strongest and hardest fighting
fish you can encounter!  The second type of bottom fishing trip keeps us in shallower water and is the best time any young or
new angler can ever have. This trip is packed full of excitement as we jig for the reef fish!  As always, the Seeker crew is right
there with you to help you land your fish, and we love to take pictures of you with your catch  too!
Heading Back To The Harbor on your Hawaii fishing charter
This is the time to "Talk Story"... to re-live the excitement of the day's fishing trip and take in one of Hawaii's breathtaking
sunsets on the troll back home to the dock. During the winter months you can watch whales breach and splash their tails in
their favorite North Shore waters, and any time of year you can catch sight of Sea Turtles, Porpoise, Hawaiian Monk Seals and
many beautiful sea birds including the Red Footed Boobie and the elusive Ewa bird - the name sake of the town of Haleiwa,
which in Hawaiian means "home of the Ewa (sea) bird".  Be sure to have your camera ready for some spectacular shots of the
island scenery from the ocean - something that everyone should have the opportunity to do!
Once the boat is docked at the slip in the harbor the crew will unload the fish and arrange it  
for that perfect shot of you and your catch.  Your fish will then be cleaned and 50 pounds of
whole fish will be filleted and packaged for you to take home and enjoy!  The rest of the fish
stay  with  the boat as is the norm in Hawaii and helps keep the cost of the charter down to a
more reasonable rate than charters on the  Mainland.  Taxidermy mounts are available too.
The Beautiful Scenery of the  North Shore Countryside
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